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Calendar Year 2013 Climatological Summary




Temperatures ranged from 101.7F on July 14 to 0.1F on December 31. Total precipitation was 19.93" with September having the highest amount with 3.20inches. The high wind speed was 48 mph recorded on April 13th. The dominate direction was from the South Southwest.

December 2014 Climatological Summary

December 2014 - As December 2014 opened, people wondered if WINTER would ever come. The warm weather from November spilled over into December. Winter did come just in time to produce a white Christmas. The first storm of December 21 and 22 brought wet snow, The four inches of white stuff didn't stay long, owing to the ground still being quite warm, but the 1.01" of precipitation it produced was very welcome. Then we were treated to a rare "White Christmas", composed of average water content snow. The temperatures then became seasonal and a third snow storm hit on Monday December 29, 3" of pure Utah Powder, with little water content, just 0.22" when melted down.

November 2014 Climatological Summary

November 2014 - "Exceptionally warm and rather dry" describes November 2014 in Sandy, Utah. Eight days recored highs over 60 degrees! Nevertheless the morning of November 17 was unusually cold at 10.7 degrees. Almost all of November's precipitation came on November 22 & 23 where .81" of rain fell. Hopefully December is much wetter.

October 2014 Climatological Summary

October 2014 - About Face! September 2014 was extraordinarily WET. October 2014 was extraordinarily DRY. This October produced 0.34 inches of precipitation in Sandy. Much less fell at Salt Lake International Airport. This was the driest October on record here (records started in 1997). Most of the rain fell on Sunday October 12 with 0.23 inches. The highest high was 76 degrees on September 8, nevertheless the last day of the months recorded a high of 74.7 degrees. The average day of the first frost is around October 12, this year the first frost was October 28.

September 2014 Climatological Summary

September 2014 - The Summer Monsoon that started early this year in July, continued into August and right on throughout the month of September. The pattern this year is similar to 1982; and we all know what happened in the early Summer of 1983 -- FLOODS. The current expectation is for a wetter than normal winter. Over 3 inches of rain fell during the month with about 50% of that on Saturday September 27th. The hottest day was the 17th with 94 degrees. The coldest morning was September 12th with an early 38 degree reading.

September 27, 2014 - Rain, Rain, go away and never come again on Saturday! One of the wettest days in history. The automated station recorded 1.71" of rain, a huge amount for the desert. Fortunately, heavy rain only came in spurts, allowing for an orderly runoff, with very little flooding". So far during this year, today was the wettest of all. Second place belongs to July 28th with 1.14".

August 2014 Climatological Summary

August 2014 - The Summer Monsoon that started early this year in July, continued into August. The month totaled 2.27", the most since 1997 when this weather station was first installed. The prior maximum was 1.76 in 2000. The frequent rains brought cooler temperatures. There were only 5 days with temperatures over 90 degrees; far fewer than normal. Last year the average high was 90 degrees. The mean temperature this year was 4.3 degrees cooler! There were no wind issues here in the calmest part of the Salt Lake Valley. The max wind was just 27 mph.

July 2014 Climatological Summary

July 2014 - The month was pretty normal except for the fact that almost all of the precipitation came right at the end of the month when the common "Summer Monsoon" started. This annual weather pattern dominates Salt Lake's weather in August and early September. During this period the frequent circulation brings moisture up over Utah from off Baja Mexico. The moisture is often sufficient to trigger afternoon and evening thunderstorms which are often intense, and generally short lived. It was during such a period in September 1966, that I first become interested in the weather. on July 28 when the heavens opened and more than 1,00" in just over an hour. Over three days the total hit 1.67" which took care of watering the lawn for several days. There was only one day over 100 degrees which was a bit less than normal. No significant winds were experienced during the month.

July 28, 2014 - The Summer Monsoon season started with a bang. 0.80" of rain fell in just 45 minutes from 5:35pm to 6:20 pm. The rain rate nearly reached 4"/hour based on what fell at the height of the deluge.

July 14, 2014 - HOTTEST DAY OF 2014. Here is Sandy the temperature peaked at 101.7 degrees just past 4:30p.m.

June 2014 Climatological Summary

June 2014 - There were just two storms in June 2014, but each one was intense. The COLD storm on June 17, brought snow to about the 6000 foot level and the mountains took on an appearance of mid-October. In June 1968 we did have SNOW in the Salt Lake valley during the first week. The first week of June is often storm, but this year it was pleasant. The second storm on June 26 was an intense thunderstorm. Between 5:55 and 6:00 P.M., 0.23" of rain fell. At that rate for a full hour there would have been 4.06" of rain. That is a high rain rate, but the downpour of last July 6th handily exceeded it..

June 18, 2014 - A very late snowstorm brought snow down on the mountains to about 6,000 feet.

The late June Snow storm brought the snow down to about 6000 feet in the mountains.

May 2014 Climatological Summary

May 2014 - A good but not huge rainfall total of 1.99" has help keep the drought at bay. On the morning of the 13th the temperature fell to 30.5 giving a rather LATE frost to any gardens that were planted early. Summer like temperatures took over during the last week of the month.

May 12, 2014 -Six consecutive days of rain ended yesterday. Total 1.53" a "fine May rain," it just lasted too long. Today almost extended the streak to 7 days, but alas today totaled just a "trace."

May 8, 2014 -Another significant rainfall over the last 3 days, The largest portion 0.49" fell this morning between 12:30am and 7:30am. A heavy but brief shower (0.06") occurred later about 12:55pm.

April 2014 Climatological Summary

April 2014 - April was mostly dry except for the start and end of the month. Even with 1.24" of precipitation April 26-28, the total was below normal. April is typically one of the wettest months of the year. A strong but brief northwest wind at about 1am on April 13, was memorable as it woke many people up. There were 8 days with temperatures below freezing, the coldest morning being April 21 with 27 degrees.

April 28, 2014 - The wet weekend weather resumed late Sunday night. Mid-morning on Monday heavy snow pellets were falling. Snow pellets look like small hail, but they are soft, rather than hard. We had enough snow pellets to cover the roofs, and almost enough to cover the lawn. Total precipitation for the last three days was 1.24".

Saturday April 26, 2014 - While rain is not welcome on Saturdays, this Saturday it rained pretty much all day long. April 2014, is still a bit below normal, but this Saturday added 0.89" of rain, a big addition to the total. Around 6pm the rain rate hit 0.53"/hour - a heavy rain for our area.

Sunday April, 13, 2014 - At about 1am on Sunday morning April 13, a brief but extraordinary wind hit. The anemometer recorded 48mph, one of the highest speeds since records started at this location in 1997. What was really exceptional was that it was a north wind (usually our strongest winds are from the south). For some reason it was exceptionally loud, waking many in the area from their sleep. Rain followed about 10 hours later and amounted to 1/4".

March 2014 Climatological Summary

March 2014 - This March was rather normal, both in terms of temperatures and precipitation. The hope for for more than 2" of precipitation, but we had to settle for 1.59". The end of the month was wet with 1/2" during the last two days. There were no extreme winds to speak of, however on March 1 a speed of 41mph was observed. The monthly maximum temperature was 69 degrees on the 25th and the low reading was 22 degrees on the 19th. The Winter passed without any really cold temperatures, unlike what was experienced on the east coast.

February 2014 Climatological Summary

February 2014 - February 2014 was real cold, with snow on the ground for most of the month. That month averaged 28.9 degrees. February 2014 was much warmer averaging 38.5 degrees. Thanks to the last two days of February 2014, it ended up wetter than February 2013, with more the double the amount of precipitation than 2013. The last two days added more than and inch of rain. When you consider we average on 18" of rain per year, an inch is one day is notable. Five days with high temperatures over 60 degrees was remarkable.

January 2014Climatological Summary

January 2014 like the preceding November was exceptionally dry and rather warm with an average temperature of 30.5 degrees versus the prior year's 25.8 degrees. Precipitation at just 0.87" was very much on the dry side. All this has renewed worries about sufficient water for the Summer of 2014. A wet March and April could save the day, as they are the wettest months of the year and a wet September replenished ground moisture. The high temperate in 2014 was 53 degrees on January 11 compared to 46 degrees on January 31, 2013. The low this year was 9 degrees on January 5, versus -3.1 degrees on January 14 of 2013. This winter season will probably not see any sub zero temperatures now that January has passed.

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